At McCoy Sales, our manufacturers are the backbone of our business.  We work with only the finest manufacturers of plumbing products available in the market.  Quality is our focus, and we proudly stand behind all of the products we represent.

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ABT, Inc. manufacturers polymer concrete precast trench drains, catch basins, interceptors and concrete trench forming systems. With European technology and the superior raw materials to produce high quality polymer concrete available in the Piedmont area of the Carolinas, ABT began operation just north of Charlotte in Troutman North Carolina on March 31, 1983. Over the last several decades, ABT has experienced steady sales growth by providing new products and technical services that not only met but exceeded customer expectations. In the process, the company became America’s premier supplier of line drainage products.

Aqua Bath manufactures cast acrylic tubs and showers. Cast acrylic is today’s high-performance material for tubs and showers. The durable, nonporous, solid surface is highly resistant to scum, mildew and stains, making it easy to clean and maintain.  Warm to the touch, acrylic absorbs those impacts that could chip other materials.

CTS manufactures Copper Companion Flanges. The CTS Copper Companion Flange, a fully floating flange, is such a logical development in copper tube installation that it is hard to believe that no one has thought of it before. The concept is very simple. Instead of having to install a brass companion flange that requires careful alignment of bolt holes during brazing, the CTS Copper Companion Flange uses a copper fitting brazed/soldered directly to the copper tube, backed by a fully floating powder coated steel flange fitted with a neoprene insulator. The integral insulator allows the CTS flange to offer 100% protection against electrolysis.

Eemax manufactures a complete line of tank less water heaters. Eemax was established in 1988 with a line of tank less heaters for commercial applications ranging in size from .5gpm to about 1.5gpm. The original Eemax technology was patented and quickly emerged as the most flexible technology on the market, which was a critical factor in the early stages of the development of the US market for electric tank less heaters.

Elbi manufactures thermal expansion absorbers, expansion tanks, air separators, ASME hydronic heating expansion tanks, ASME well tanks and diaphragm pump tanks. ELBI has over forty years experience in tank manufacturing and a world-wide reputation for quality. Elbi offers a line of products which satisfy the taste and quality of all modern installations in water distribution, water storage, water heating and water treatment systems.

The Green Drain trap seal can help to prevent sewer gas infiltration and potentially fatal cross contamination and infection spread caused by unprotected drains. The Green Drain is an economical waterless trap seal that allows water to flow down the drain while preventing Pest, Odors and Harmful Gases/Pathogens from infiltrating the living or work space.

Haws Corporation manufacturers emergency eye/face wash & Showers, emergency equipment mixing valves, drinking fountains and chillers. With the invention of the drinking fountain in 1906 by Luther Haws, the Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet Company formed in 1909 in Berkeley, California. During the 1950’s, Haws introduced emergency drench showers and safety eyewashes into its manufacturing line. Establishing headquarters in Northern Nevada in 1996, Haws continued expanding, opening global locations Haws AG (Switzerland) in 1985, Haws Manufacturing Pte, Ltd (Singapore) in 1999, and Haws-Avlis (Brazil) in 2001. To this day, Haws Corporation’s innovative spirit is driven by third, fourth and fifth generations of the Haws family.

Homestead Valve manufactures a complete line of plug valves. The Homestead® Valve, a division of Olson Technologies, Inc., is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial valves, serving the water and wastewater, commercial HVAC and OEM markets as well as the Asphalt market. Homestead Lubricated Plug Valves, Eccentric Plug Valves, Asphalt Plug Valve, and actuator combinations are known throughout the world for unmatched dependability in some of the most demanding services.

For more than 30 years, IPEX has been supplying industrial, commercial, educational, and hospital laboratories throughout North America with high quality, easy to install acid waste and high purity water systems designed to handle a wide variety of chemicals and pH levels. IPEX Enfield electrofusion and Labline mechanical joint systems have long ben recognized as the industry benchmark for performance and reliability, and are among the most widely specified systems in North America. Ipex also supplies a complete line of dual containment products for applications that demand fail-safe systems. No leaks. No risk. The professionals at IPEX understand the complexity of design and installation for demanding double containment applications. Unlike other manufactuers of double containment systems, IPEX specialists are dedicated solely to the design, production and installation of state-of-the-art double containment systems. With more than 25 years of experience and success, we are the proven experts. The IPEX family of double containment systems includes: Guardian PVC and CPVS, Drain-Guard PVC and Clear-Guard PVC pressure and drainage systems, CustomGuard FRP and metal pressure systems, Encase PolyPro drainage systems, Centra-Guard and PAL-AT leak detection systems.

Isimet manufactures Utility Controllers. Isimet is committed to providing quality safety products for use in the laboratory classrooms of our Nation’s Public Schools. Placing special emphasis on student and instructor safety is the focal point from which began the development of the Utility Controller. Looking at enhancement of present engineering designs, Isimet first focused their efforts on a control system that integrated the control of mechanical and electrical components within a single device. To provide additional safety features, we next incorporated the means to remotely control and monitor this new device.

JL Industries manufactures access doors, ceiling roof hatches and fire rated access doors. For more than 70 years JL Industries located in Bloomington Minnesota has produced high quality cabinets in steel, stainless steel or aluminum, and access panels and are equipped with the latest technology in no-VOC powder coating paint lines. JL Industries also has the ability to fabricate custom cabinets including fire-rated, custom size and specialty bronze and brass-finish cabinets.

Jones Stephens is a premier manufacturer and distributor of plumbing and hardware products with a well-established brand name in the industry. With over 18,000 SKUs, we provide the broadest and deepest selection of plumbing and hardware products in a multitude of categories. Over the past 25 years Jones Stephens has developed key partnerships that enable them to provide the right, high-quality products our customers need when they need them. This, along with product innovations and value-added services, gives our wholesale partners unique selling opportunities in their markets. Through a distribution network that spans the United States and provides world-class service, we’re uniquely equipped to fulfill our mission of “maximizing value to our stakeholders.”

Kusel Equipment manufactures stainless steel floor and trench drain products. Because of their sanitary design, these drains are used in the dairy, meat, wine, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food processing industries.

Leonard Valve officially began manufacturing thermostatic mixing valves in 1911, and was incorporated in 1913. The founder, Frederick C. Leonard, was a watch repairman and electrician, among his many talents. Since this initial development by Mr. Leonard, his successors in the Wilcox family have been devoted to supplying quality mixing valves for numerous commercial applications. Leonard Valve has evolved using the same core principles and modern technologies that were the staple of the company when it was formed. Today they supply high/low master mixers, complete water tempering systems, emergency mixing valves, and shower valves, along with a myriad of other valve products to meet the stringent demands of today’s commercial buildings. Today, Leonard Valve operates from two facilities in Cranston, Rhode Island, where we have a state-of-the-art machining facility with assembly departments that individually assemble and test each mixing valve and every valve system before shipment; and the second facilty being a warehouse.

Lochinvar manufactures a complete line of water heaters and pool heaters with an eight decade commitment to leadership, innovation and technology. That’s how Lochinvar has built a reputation as the industry’s most adept problem solver in high efficiency water heating and pool heating. From their pioneering copper-fin designs to today’s breakthroughs in system intelligence and interoperability, Lochinvar has long been the industry pacesetter in both new and retrofit solutions.

MAPA Products manufactures a complete line of roof piping supports. MAPA Products is proud to be the industry leader in adjustable nylon-based support systems. The Standard Duty supports provide the user with greater range of adjustment (3”-10”) than similar products in the market, while maintaining their standing as an affordable option for light to medium duty piping.

Naturalsof provides you with the ability to utilize the most effective green chemical free technology available to combat scale in water systems. With hundreds of thousands of catalytic products sold since 1973 they have numerous case studies documenting their success with boilers, chillers, commercial grade water heaters, mixing valves, cooling towers, general piping and many other applications. No salt or chemicals, no magnets, no power, no waste and continuous flow.

nVent – Raychem formally known as Pentair Thermal Management is a world leader in heat-tracing, fire & performance wiring and sensing solutions for the oil & gas, power, food & beverage, chemical, water and other process industries, as well as for the commercial and residential construction markets. Pentair specializes in manufacturing heat trace cable for pipe freeze protection, freezer frost heave prevention, hot water temperature maintenance, floor heating, snow melting and gutter and roof deicing.

Precision Plumbing Products manufacture products for the fluid Pressure Balancing/Thermostatic arena, Floor Drain Trap Priming field, and Electronic fresh water manifold product lines.

Rinnai manufactures tankless gas water heaters, gas boilers, direct vent heaters and vent free heaters. Only Rinnai offers the quality and reliability that is built on a 45 year history of innovation and improvements. Rinnai commands quality through in-house design, engineering and manufacturing, and insures your satisfaction with in-house support. Rinnai has over 30 million tankless water heater installations worldwide. They have been efficiently heating water since 1964, and selling heating appliances in the United States since 1974. Rinnai is the world’s largest gas appliance manufacturer.

A Rockford Separator is designed for exceptionally high efficiency in retaining a wide variety of insoluble wastes. Maximum water travel with minimized turbulence through the filtering action of its screens prevents evacuation into drainage systems which may cause blocking, stoppages and backups. The Rockford Separator family includes 30 series with over 200 sizes of standard cataloged units. They also specialized in custom engineered and built units for site specific applications and installations where ever separation systems are required: restaurants, schools and colleges, health centers, military installations, industrial plants, office buildings, multi-unit apartments, food processing plants, along with retail and service establishments. With separation as their sole business they have supplied quality separation systems to the plumbing industry for over 40 years.

Scientific Plastics’ reputation as a high quality manufacturer building to your specifications has made them a trusted partner providing acid neutralization tanks and polymer lab sinks and faucets. Whether in the design phase of a new project; or upgrading an existing application, Scientific Plastics products will improve safety and protect your facility from corrosive chemicals. Their components are all PVC free helping contribute to LEED certification. Many Scientific Plastics products are made using rotational molding. Why rotational molding? Simple, this process creates a one-piece product with no mechanical joints that may risk leaking. Another feature of roto-molding is that all corners are coved which allows all chemical residue to be completely cleaned.

Stancor is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic submersible pumps, oil minder systems and controls. More than 30 years of servicing the rotating industry has qualified Stancor to offer both standard and customized systems for virtually any application. Stancor’s broad range of pumps are available from ½ to 75 HP. Each pump, and accompanying control, is supported by a commitment to quality that strives to exceed your expectations time and time again.

For over thirty years T-DRILL Industries, Inc has been the premier manufacturer of pipe and tube fabricating equipment in the world. The unique ability to mechanically form outlets out of the pipe or tube itself was the hallmark of the company for many years. Today with costs ultra critical, mechanically forming Tee Fittings is a huge benefit. Just make a quick comparison of T-DRILL’s mechanically formed Tee Fittings to wrought Tee Fittings.

Towle-Whitney started in 1994 and concentrated on becoming a premier builder of water pressure booster pump systems. In the late ‘90s, they shifted the pump’s control systems from constant speed to the new variable speed (VFD) systems. It was clear that VFD boosters offered improved performance, lower horse power, long term savings on maintenance, and IMMEDIATE savings on electricity. They were in the right place when the technology shifted. Very simply, they pride themselves on collaborating with mechanical contractors, engineers, architects, as well as the facility owners. They have the ability to supply everything from 1/2Hp simplex systems for homes, to 50Hp HILO TRIPLEXES for high-rises.

Since 1865 Wade has been a leader in quality and innovation in the drainage market. Wade manufacturers floor and roof drains, fixture carriers, cleanouts and Grease/Oil interceptors. Wade Specification Drainage Products is now one of the McWayne families of companies which consists of 13 iron foundries, one of which Wade domestic products are produced.

Willoughby Industries manufactures stainless steel and solid surface products for the commercial and security plumbing markets. While many of their products are used in penal institutions, a significant number of their products are used in commercial, educational, healthcare and industrial facilities.