About Us

McCoy Sales Company is located in Kansas City, Kansas and represents numerous commercial plumbing lines for all of Kansas and the western half of Missouri. 

Early Days

Starting out in 1969 as a pipe, valve and fitting representative, Joe McCoy enjoyed great early success and felt destined for stardom as many young representatives do.  As also happens to young representatives, however, there comes a reality check, a defining moment that determines whether or not you will become an old representative.  That for McCoy occurred in 1973 when three of their four big income lines decided to go factory direct.  He thus learned at an early age what he felt was possibly the most important lesson that a rep can learn.  You adapt, or you close the doors.

And adapt he did.  He quickly made the transition to a plumbing specification representative, and over the next two years would acquire the flagship lines that are still the mainstay of McCoy Sales base business today.


McCoy Sales, Kansas City

Today’s McCoy Sales Company has come a long way from the original two-man operation in a 4,000 sq. ft. office/warehouse.  After 5 different locations, it is now housed in a 9,000 sq. ft. office with a 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse and employs 11 full time employees.  Joe McCoy is still the driving force behind McCoy Sales, but he has handed over the daily operational duties to his son Jeff McCoy, and although the surroundings may have changed, the philosophy remains the same.  You find good lines, and surround yourself with good people, and you keep them both.  McCoy Sales prides themselves on the fact that they enjoy very little turnover of lines or people.  According to Joe, they are both too hard to find, and you invest too much time in them, to let them get away. 

The Future

Well, that is the McCoy Sales of Today.  What it will be tomorrow is unknown, but one thing is for certain, it will change.  The McCoys preach constantly about change, and has infused the company with the next wave of salesmen and management to ensure that McCoy Sales is prepared for whatever the future may hold.  Today’s business demands it.  Those who do not change or fail to recognize change will fall behind.  McCoy Sales believes that our ability to change to meet the demands of all our product lines will determine our success.  It all goes back to that lesson learned so well in 1973.  You adapt, or you close the doors.